Higher Learning

Higher Learning program provides elementary, middle and high school students with academic tutoring, study/research skills, life stimulation activities, college visits, and subject focused clubs including Science, Math, and Reading

GtS Strength and Agility

GtS Strength and Ability program teaches healthy eating, sports training, body care maintenance, teamwork, and implements life skills. 

Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers program is a basketball program for skill building and provides the opportunity to play competitive and recreational leagues.

Team Community

Team Community program provides youth opportunities to give back to their neighborhoods and communities in meaningful ways.

Farming for the Future (FFTF)

FFTF program is designated to educate youth about ownership and stewardship of the land. 

BrighterSide Behaviorial Health Counseling (BSBH)

BSBH service assists youth needing emotional and behavioral support and development.

Guiding Stars Mentoring

Mentoring provides opportunity to strengthen the youth's support system by pairing them with a positive role model.


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